Acpsol Energia Solar manufactures solar lamps for street lighting urban use in municipalities, a pioneering project in Spain and with great expectations for the future. Since 2001, the company develops different models depending on the time booking is needed, thereby increasing both the photovoltaic panel and the capacity in ampere / hour battery.
The product range is divided according to height and light output of the luminaire.

  • ACPV Series 1000 - Solar beacons. Designed for use in gardens, private parks.

  • ACPV Series 2000 - Solar lights urban 7-30 W CFL or LED with heights of 2500-3500 mm. Designed to illuminate urban gardens, rural areas, pools.

  • ACPV Series 3000 - Urban Solar lights for large vials of 30-100 W LED or LPS at heights of 4000-10000 mm. Designed for outdoor lighting of industrial buildings, roads, highways, roundabouts, rural roads and parks. Its color temperature is 2500-6500 K.

  • ACPV 3000 & 4000 HYBRID Series - Solar Streetlights large vials of 30 -100 W LED with heights of 4000-10000 mm. Designed to combine 12/220V in areas where electrical wiring already exists, you can illuminate outdoor warehouses, roads, highways, roundabouts, rural roads and parks.

  • ACPV Series 4000 - Streetlights urban solar electronics and battery on top of the post 3000-10000 mm with outputs of 20 -100 W. Designed to illuminate urban gardens, parks, rural areas, roads and highways

All models, it takes between 3 and 5 hours of sunlight for 10-12 hours of operation and up to 60 hours reserva.Estas lamps are fully autonomous and easy to install. In modern design that integrates appropriate controller and positive and negative wiring, with special cable and terminals for battery connection.
The urban solar streetlights ACPV the series 2000 - 3000 - 4000 are made of galvanized steel
but can be made in other materials.

Also, although the standard measure is 2.5 to 6.5 meters between the fixture and the ground, you can choose the desired height.


Design and low consumption


At the present, Acpsol has an extensive catalog with up to 35 designs available, galvanized steel in a wide range of colors, suitable for any need. In this family are from modernist models, ideal for installation in any type of public works, road or roundabout to other classic shapes, perfectly combined in historic centers of cities. Nor go unnoticed for professional series with sober forms used in rural areas or green areas, sports facilities and unique venues, greatly reducing installation costs because it does not require electrical connection.
The range of solar lamps Solar Acpsol are defined by their low power consumption and high light output. In
the design phase were taken into account the technical requirements and the current safety regulations, including those made to avoid light pollution.


Component Certifications recognized European and international level


Made in Spain

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