Spanish company founded in 1998 in the south of Spain by a group of engineers and technicians after a long journey in the sector of research and projects, they decide to join to give way to the manufacture of conventional and solar public lighting of large scale of its own firm. 


In its beginnings, Acpsol was mainly engaged in the study of engineering and research projects with an innovative reference in the products that it commercialized and with a capacity to undertake any type of public lighting installation. ACPSOL has carried out numerous projects gaining the trust of the public and private market.  


At present, the Acpsol Group consists of a group consolidated by several companies that give to be a conventional and solar public lighting manufacturer with a great range of products and with a volume of manufacture of 3000 to 5000 monthly units distributing to our clients for their Road projects, urban areas, private gardens, directly to our affiliated companies throughout Spain, Europe, Africa and America, mainly to municipalities, wholesalers and installers.


Today, Acpsol has a wide range of its own products in both conventional and solar lighting, we manufacture in all kinds of maintenance (stainless steel, galvanized) with a wide range of colors to be defined, suitable for any need. Among our manufactured are from models of modernist style, ideal for installation in any type of public works, motorway or roundabout, to others with classic forms, perfectly combinable in historical cities. Nor is it unnoticed for professionals the series with sober shapes that are used in the rural environment or in green areas, sports facilities or unique spaces, greatly reducing installation costs by our innovative LED or solar technology (since the latter do not require a connection Electrical).


All our own models of conventional lighting for roads or for urban centers of Acpsol can be modified according to the needs of the project, they are already made in Spain for each client.


The range of solar lamps from Acpsol are defined by high quality materials, low consumption, high light output and no network connection. In its design phase, the technical prescriptions and safety regulations in force have been taken into account, including those formulated to avoid light pollution. Just like our conventional lampposts can be modified in their manufacturing phase according to the needs of the final project.